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The Health Professionals Australia Reform Association (HPARA) is the peak authoritative body for healthcare regulation reform in Australia.

HPARA holds annual conferences as a way of keeping reform moving and our members, other professionals, media and the public informed of what is going on in our regulatory systems.


In 2016, HPARA held its inaugural conference to a packed house. The outcome of the conference increased HPARA's profile and put it on the map to be the peak body for health care reform in Australia. 

Building on the success of HPARA's initial conference, 2017 saw an even larger mix of high profile professionals, wanting to take the stage to support HPARA and initiate the way forth. The conference gathered experts to scope the problems experienced by health professionals that come from the false-claim input of fellow professionals and administrators. It was also a forum which enabled the consumer to be “heard”, while expecting that all participants in the healthcare journey are held accountable, and that the processes for management of adverse events are inquisitorial not adversarial, noting that in-depth review of past performance and continuous quality improvement should be expected for all aspects of patient care and regulation, not just related to the performance of healthcare professionals in clinical care. 

The current adversarial approach to complaints fails to curtail poor practitioners in a timely fashion, inappropriately harms good healthcare professionals, imposes an unsustainable financial burden, limits justice to bone fide complainants, limits advances in healthcare, and probable costs the lives of patients and providers. 


The Australian community deserves a better system. HPARA is dedicated towards making this happen.